Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Olympics day with our buddy's

we are hungary to win hungary hungary hungary. today we had olympics day at school. 
I really liked the way that the children were incharge of the activity's not the teachers and that all the activity's were different.

The most difficult activity was piggy backing our buddy's because some of our buddy's are quite heavy to carry.

I helped my buddy when we were doing hockey I helped sanoli use the hockey stick.

I would change some of the activity's like the eggs and spoon race to something that is in the Olympics but it was really fun.

The activity's were fencing,water boats,hockey, egg and spoon race , high jump , ribbon dancing, water hurdles ,ruby , ball thronging , soccer , ultimate paper siscors rock , piggy backing , shot put , darts.


Boat racing 
Piggy back riding 

Egg and spoon race 

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  1. Wow Kate that was a really cool post you did, but i dont quite get why you put the word RUGBY up the top when below it was the bean bag game.