Tuesday, 17 May 2016


this term we have been looking at whether 
every day we fill out a whether chart and nz met service and look at the predicted temperature 
yesterday we made wether symbols here are some of them 


Reading project

 the last couple of weeks we have been making a model of how a thunderstorm is formed here's my project ⬇️


How it works so down the bottom is the white fluffy clouds and up the top is the warm clouds what I found out was when the warm and cold clouds hit they  exploded so the vinegar is going to be the warm clouds and the baking soda is the cold cloud now watch what happens when the baking soda and the vinger met 👏👏👏

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Mother's Day activities

Today we were doing Mother's Day activities they were all for our mums. There were 4 rotations the first one I did was making coconut slice ,writing letter, making a card, devices. My favourite activity was  card making because I arty. I made the card blue.