Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Super camp week

The Day 1 
  and kids republic 
     ( making a dam )

We went on a bush walk and went to kids republic on the bush walk we had a scavenger hunt during the,kids republic was so fun because I have never been there. We all worked together to make a dam but the rocks cepet falling over. I  felt like I was going to fall in the water because the rocks were slippery. 

Day 2 
Construction day 

   ( the height challenge)

Most of the day we were in poutam we had 5 rotations robots,height challenge,weight challenge,
inmaginz,Lego.  We had to share lots of the equipment because ther wasn't enough for everyone. I was really happy Because we made a really tall tower and it was worth it. 

Day 3 
Art day 

    ( inside out puzzle )

When we started our rotations we had to put our creative hats on. We made a puzzle to couler in and a jungle Muriel tat we our little Pickeis on the Muriel. We all had to use our patience for the glue and metirels that were real. Next time if we do this I will change my pose and the way I decarate my pice of art. 

Day 4 
Water day 

    ( having a water fight ) 

On the water day we basically just got weat my faviroulte activity was in the pool we put a blow up boat in the pool and wore life jackets. I had to share my water gun Water balloons an meny for things. Something that went wrong was the weather was cold and windy. 

Day 5 
Camp out day 

For our rotations we made pizza and smores and lived in our tents it was so fun. When we were making our smores we had to listen carefully when we were putting out the fires. I had lots of fun looking in all the other tents . I think at one point I fell asleep. 

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